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Social Media Glossary & Definitions

Decorative image with A to Z representing the social media glossary
Decorative image with A to Z representing the social media glossary



A way that creators can avoid getting their content flagged, often by misspelling or replacing letters in a word.


AMA stands for "Ask Me Anything." It’s a way for someone with a particular area of expertise or experience to call for questions from their community, and they answer as many questions as possible.



BeReal is a social platform that encourages users to post in real-time, rather than editing content. Every day at a different time, BeReal sends a notification to all users to shoot & post a photo in 2 minutes.



Calling someone the “CEO” of something means they are the absolute best at that thing.

Content Creator

A content creator creates & produces content for the internet or other platforms. They can be writers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, social media influencers & more.

Creator Economy

The creator economy refers to the economic system or market that supports and rewards people who create original content for the internet or other platforms.



DM is an abbreviation for "direct message," which refers to a private message sent between two users on a social media platform.



The For You Page on TikTok. The FYP displays a personalized feed of recommended videos for each user. It’s designed to create an engaging experience for each user.



Gatekeeping is not disclosing information to keep something exclusive. For example, a creator refusing to share where they got something for fear that it will sell out as a result. Cough, Kylie Jenner, cough.


GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is a type of digital image file that is often used for short, looping animations. They’re often used to create memes and other types of social content.


A glow-up is a major or impressive transformation. On social, a glow-up celebrates and shares these transformations and can be a positive and empowering way to recognize personal growth and development.



Saying something is highkey describes something you want to brag about or emphasize. For example, we highkey love scheduling social media posts in advance. 😉


Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is a system used by the social media platform to determine the order in which content is displayed in a user's feed. The algorithm uses machine learning to show users engaging content.



Social media KPIs, or key performance indicators, are metrics used to measure the effectiveness and performance of a company's social media marketing efforts.

L is a mini web page built into your Instagram or TikTok account accessible through a link in the user's bio and can link out to various external resources.


Lowkey describes something you want to do in secret or keep a low profile about.


Main Character Energy

Having Main Character Energy means that you’re acting as if you’re the star of your own show — the general consensus is that this a good thing!

Media Library

The media library is a feature within Later that allows users to store and organize the media (e.g., photos and videos) they plan to use in their social media posts.



OOMF is an acronym that stands for "One of My Followers” and is used as a way of referring to someone without mentioning their name to maintain privacy, confidentiality or even mystery.



PFP is an acronym that stands for "Profile Picture" on social media platforms and other online platforms.

POV Video

A POV (point of view) video is a type of video filmed from the perspective of the person who is creating it, giving the viewer a sense of being there in the moment and experiencing the events as they unfold.


Say Less

This phrase means “I’m already convinced, you don’t have to say anything else to get me on board.”


Shadowbanning is a practice that is sometimes used by social media platforms to limit the visibility of a user's content without the user being aware of it.

Sliding into DMs

"Sliding into the DMs" suggests a stealthy way to message someone without being noticed. This phrase is often used in a lighthearted or humourous way.

Social Media

Social media refers to online platforms and tools that enable people to communicate and interact with each other, share content and ideas, and participate in online communities.

Social Media Management

Social media management refers to the process of planning, scheduling, and publishing content on social media platforms, as well as interacting with followers and managing online communities.



"TBT" is an abbreviation for "Throwback Thursday,” a popular hashtag used to share old memories and experiences with others, and to celebrate the past.


Online, tea refers to gossip. “Spilling the tea” is another way of saying “spilling the beans”.

Thought Leader

A person who is recognized as an authority in a particular field and is considered to be influential in shaping the direction of that field.


User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is any type of content that is created and published by unpaid contributors or fans who are passionate about a particular topic or brand, rather than by professional journalists, publishers, or content creators.



To be “viral” on social media means that a piece of content, such as a post, video, or image, has become extremely popular and is being shared by a large number of people on various social media platforms.

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